• The Inaugural 2022 Garden House Writing Residency

    brought together multi-racial, intergenerational, mostly queer, mostly women of color writers from the Deep South, Southwest, Midwest, and Northeast who share a commitment to collective wellness. Despite barriers, we are working with all our might to complete and release more of our creative work to the world.


    The Garden House Writing Residency creates two weeks of dedicated time in a peaceful environment for Fellows to pour energy into our respective writing projects. The Garden House in Wellfleet, MA (Cape Cod) has been offered as a gift for fellows to come together as a way to create access to something that is often out of reach due to financial strains, intense workloads, hefty family obligations, and other obstacles. As the Organizer of The Garden House Writing Residency, I have created what it is that I need and have extended an invitation in the form of a fellowship to other writers who share that need.


    Core tenets are devotion to writing, tending visions, presence, and care.

  • Thank you to the many people

    who contributed prizes & purchased tickets in our 2022 phenomenal raffle, bought a supper plate, or made donations. Together, we were able to cover all expenses of the residency, including travel stipends!