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    Ancestor Maya Angelou said,

    "There is no greater agony than bearing

    an untold story inside you."


  • Deep gratitude to all who contributed towards the success of the 2023 Garden House Writing Residency. Come back soon to see photos and testimonies!

    Please click here if you are able & willing to contribute towards the costs of lodging, meals, travel stipends, materials, & project management for the 2024 residency.



    to all who supported the 2022 Garden House Writing Residency!  

  • The purpose of The Garden House Writing Residency is to create two weeks of dedicated time in a peaceful environment for Garden House Fellows to pour energy into our respective writing projects. This residency is modeled after existing no-cost residencies, which offer lodging and boarding, often in an area surrounded by nature, and synergy with other artists. However, no-cost residencies are highly competitive and incur application fees. Additional barriers include travel expenses to and from residencies, and affording time off from work. The Garden House Writing Residency is being designed with working-class writers in mind.


    The core tenets of The Garden House Writers Residency are devotion to writing, tending visions, presence, and care.


    As the Organizer of The Garden House Writing Residency, I have created what it is that I need and have extended an invitation in the form of a fellowship to other writers who share that need. The Garden House in Wellfleet, MA (Cape Cod) has been offered as a gift for fellows to come together for this opportunity, which creates access to something that is often out of reach due to financial strains, intense workloads, hefty family obligations, and other obstacles.


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  • The culture we exist in loves to benefit from art,

    but doesn’t collectively invest in the process of art-making.






    To ask questions or help fundraise, email: info@communitysolstice.com