My first novel, 'Claiming Caleb.'

    Im yirtzéh Hashém, insha'Allah, Ojalá. And so it is.


    2023 RISE UP! Harm & Accountability Within Organizing | Belonging, Manipulation, & A Willingness to Try

    2021 We Were Not Alone: A Community Building Art Works Anthology | Poem for Bill Withers [A Record of April 4, 2020]

    2020 Center for Women Writers International Literary Awards, Finalist for Penelope Niven Award for Non-Fiction | Brackish Breath

    2018 Bayou Magazine, Issue 70 | Gods
    2016 About Place Journal, Volume IV Issue 1 | Spanish Moss
    2013 Bridge the Gulf Project | The Easy Death of Human Beings
    2004 The Foundation Movement’s Greatest Hits Album | And We Continue


    2001-2007 CO-WRITER/ CO-DIRECTOR/ PERFORMER | Reflect & Strengthen Street Theater Troupe | Boston, MA.

    Performed original theater in prisons, high schools, youth center, universities, Hip Hop shows, protests, conferences, in subways and on street corners throughout the US, and at the 9th annual Hip Hop Festival in Havana, Cuba

    2005 CO-WRITER/ CO-DIRECTOR | Spill Life: Confessions of a Butterfly | Boston Center for the Arts | Boston, MA.

    In collaboration with the Reflect & Strengthen Ensemble Theater Troupe
    2002 CO-WRITER/ CO-DIRECTOR | Tabula Rasa and All That Yin Yang | Boston Center for the Arts | Boston, MA.

    In collaboration with the Reflect & Strengthen Ensemble Theater Troupe
    2001 CO-WRITER/ PERFORMER | Devastation | Strand Theater | Boston, MA.
    In collaboration with Janet Connors
    1999 PLAYWRIGHT/ DIRECTOR | Here for a Little Time | Boston Center for the Arts | Boston, MA.
    1996 PLAYWRIGHT | Just Enough to Crest This Funk | Boston Center for the Arts | Boston, MA.
    1994 PLAYWRIGHT | Waiting for the 22 | Boston Center for the Arts | Boston, MA.


    2014 FICTION EDITOR | Pitkin Review: Literary Journal of Goddard College| Port Townsend, WA.

  • An Honoring

    My essence and way of seeing the world has been greatly shaped by people whose life experiences created Black Feminist ways of being. And by European-descendent race traitors who've maintained connection with humanity through the process of becoming "white." My cultural identity has been influenced by the people I grew up in community with and I give abundant gratitude to my Black, Latinx, and Native friends, family and neighbors for the gems shared with me about realness, strength, style and spirit, the power of culture and what it means to be from the Earth.


    I give thanks to hood culture for cultivating some of my best parts, and the world of literature for bringing solace to my spirit.


    I am eternally grateful for the working-class, multi-racial, queer, freedom fighter kin my mother raised me with. I grew up with down-home white women and nationalist black women who sat together across difference sometimes in solidarity, other times in irresolvable conflict and all of this taught me so much of what I know.


    I once watched a lover help her nephew make a lemonade stand and it reminded me of two things that I honestly don’t need reminding of, because quite frankly, I could never forget: 1. Every person who has been murdered was a miracle made of water, soil and stars whose life was shaped by millions of moments of caretaking, love, discipline and sacrifice and it is utterly devastating for each of their lives to be cut short by unnatural causes. 2. Children are the reason humanity doesn’t collectively suffocate from the bitter rage that so often overcomes us. Children are often why we choose to return, and why we take a breath before speaking.


    I give thanks to elephants who remember each other for their whole lives, and butterflies whose metamorphosis teaches us how we can transform what we are given, into what we may become. To spiders who resolve to make their way across the sky on threads of self-made silk and peacocks who teach us how to walk in our glory.


    Finally, I give thanks for love in all the forms it comes in. Intimate love between partners, family bonds by blood or in spite of, and for those of us who extend care and concern to each other in the ways we are able.