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    In early 2021, community historian & lifelong freedom fighter, Dolores E. Pickett, put out a call to people with whom she had lived and fought for justice throughout the decades, to come together and reflect on the work we've collectively done to have our people's backs, and to share those stories with our community.


  • A group of us who are black, brown, white, queer, straight, mostly working-class, mostly women and gender non-conforming, mostly elders yet intergenerational, whose personal lives and community work is rooted in Dorchester, Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, and Mattapan answered the call.


    Together, we've built a vision of a community-based story-telling project that will share slivers of our stories of justice work in our Boston communities between the years of 1970 and 2010.


    These stories express our way of life as we have supported each other and had each other’s backs; the ways in which we identify ourselves as a part of a whole and address our collective needs. These stories illustrate how threads of relational experiences sustain us in and through the work that we do; how our collective work is crucial to our ability to thrive. They are reflections of the ways our successes and failures had deep and lasting effects on one another, and they expand our collective awareness of pathways that resist dehumanization while directing us toward liberation. They are stories of organized campaigns and projects, and also of informal services & celebrations of culture. This project offers current community leaders, activists, organizers, culture bearers, and artists deepened knowledge of the legacies of resistance and culture-making that today’s justice work is a continuation of. This is a collage-style archival project and these stories aren't comprehensive nor are they necessarily more important than stories we aren't including. They are slivers of our stories; different threads of the same fabric.

  • We invite our community to contribute reflections of original stories told through your perspectives. We also invite you to share visual materials such as fliers, photographs, and other memorabilia, to become a part of the artwork.

  • To Participate:

    To learn more about the project's story prompts, consents, and submission guidelines, please click on this link.

    To Support:

    If you are able and willing, please click here to make a contribution toward the cost of graphic design, transcribing interviews, printing, distribution, and materials.