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    I work with groups to steward processes

    that map ways toward collective visions.

    I bring twenty years of experience with justice organizing, infrastructure development, cooperative economics, participatory planning, evaluation, and collective learning through a popular education praxis.


    My politic & ways of being are shaped by kitchen-table, relational-based organzing for collective survival and capacity to thrive. Most of what I value deeply, I've learned from Black Feminism, queerness, and working-class culture.


    Some of my work is paid through organizational contracts, and much is unpaid and conducted in the spirit of solidarity and having my people's backs (including work not listed below).


    Support is welcomed.

  • Some Ideas that Guide My Work

    (These ideas were co-written with a facilitator with whom I regularly partner, Mandisa Moore-O'Neal. I have intentionally left the ideas in the plural form of "we.")


    ◈ We believe in the importance of visioning our work from a place of imagining what it means to be fully and naturally human, with abundant availability of the resources needed to actualize our visions.


    ◈ When navigating conflict, we look beyond dichotomies of “good/bad”, “right/wrong” and make room for nuances (including opposing truths).


    ◈ It is essential to not pretend to be neutral.


    ◈ Leaders who are committed to transparent and accountable authority lean into bravely embracing tensions as spaces that can be generative rather than punitive.


    ◈ The transformative power of vulnerability becomes possible with principled boundaries.


    ◈ All groups function with an arrangement of power. To grow equity, it is necessary to assess how disparities show up in the ways power is distributed and "held."


    ◈ Healthy power-holding leans into imagination, including what we can learn from experimental models of leadership that have worked to subvert oppressive hierarchies.


    ◈ Healthy power-holding involves questioning how the needs and priorities of Black and Indigenous people of color, queer people, working-class and poor people, disabled people, immigrants, women, trans, and gender non-conforming people are impacted by decisions, policies, and ways of operating.


    ◈ Building strong systems of governance and infrastructure within movement organizations is essential to support our communities in gathering, strategizing, and organizing for our collective survival and capacity to thrive.

  • Recent Facilitation Work


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    Solidaire Network


    Led staff, alongside co-facilitator Gina Womack, through a process of engaging big picture questions to help guide the next era of mobilizing resources to the frontlines of intersectional movements for racial, gender, and climate justice.

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    Southerners on New Ground


    Worked with Co-Diectors to strategize ways to strengthen the organization's infrastructure. Also, worked with co-facilitator Cielo Cruz and SONG's Leadership Team to hire multiple Director level positions and to create a hiring process that can be replicated.


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    The LeadersTrust


    Co-facilitated The LeadersTrust, alongside Sage Crump, in building a more self-determined vision of their work to provide flexible funding, capacity coaching, and peer learning for movement organizations.


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    Sex/Health Alliance


    Facilitated members of the national Sex/Health Alliance in developing a grant-making strategy that supports HIV and Sex Work decriminalization, with support from documentarian, Maria Luisa Rosal.

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    The Garden House Writing Residency

    2022- Present

    Designed and continue to lead cohorts of working-class writers through experiences of a two-week residency along the Atlantic Coast in Cape Cod, to pour into our respective writing projects and strengthen supportive relationships.


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    Different Threads of the Same Fabric


    Stewarding a storytelling project engaging community members to share reflections of

    justice work in Boston between the years of 1970 and 2010.



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    The Rest of the Story


    Co-facilitated The Rest of the Story, alongside the cirriculum's creator, Michael Patrick MacDonald. TRoTS is a grassroots storytelling and community-building curriculum. The cohort of phenomenal advocates who are mothers to young people who've been in the Department of Youth Services co-created a booklet titled, 'Sisters in Strength.'
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    André Cailloux Center for Performing Arts &

    Cultural Justice


    Worked with co-facilitator Mandisa Moore-O'Neal to lead the 'Jump at the Sun Visioning Process,' supporting ACC Directors to strategically launch programming and lay groundwork toward ownership of building.

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    Common Field Power Audit


    Worked with co-facilitator Mandisa Moore-O'Neal and the staff of Common Field to conduct an audit of power dynamics within the national network of visual artists titled, REMAGINE POWER: an audit of Common Field's power dynamics.




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    Racial Equity & Justice Committee of Lift Louisiana


    Worked with co-facilitator Mandisa Moore-O'Neal to develop the Racial Equity & Justice Committee which supports staff and board of reproductive rights organization, Lift Louisiana in addressing the ways white supremacist culture surfaces in the work.

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    Gallery of the Streets


    Served as 'Itinerant Gardener' (Logistics Coordinator) for Gallery of the Streets, a network of artists, activists, scholars, and cultural workers aiming to “engage everyday spaces as sites of resistance,” in the project, PRELUDE—WE BEGIN WITH PLAY.


    What is an abolitionist response to genocide?

    What does it mean to elect our carceral keepers?

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    Resistencia Comunitaria


    Organized community members to navigate the 2020 hurricane season in the face of pandemic lockdown and also the international Uprisings for racial justice which led to increased police aggression and curfews. The community has continued to exist as a grassroots solidarity network.

    (Shareable hurricane survival zine coming soon.)

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    Birthmark Doula Collective


    Worked with co-facilitator Mandisa Moore-O'Neal to support members of Birthmark Doula Collective in strategizing around structural development and partnerships.




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    Surdna Foundation

    Thriving Cultures


    Worked with Jaliyah Consulting team to facilitate and document Surdna Foundation's Radical Imagination for Racial Justice Convening.

  • Additional Experience

    2019-2022 | Executive Board Member/ Secretary | United for a Fair Economy | Boston, MA.

    Economic justice organization that utilizes popular education and creative communications to support social movements working for a sustainable and equitable economy.


    2020 | Coordinator| Insight Center for Economic and Community Development | New Orleans, LA.

    Organized focus groups to assess economic shifts in the lives of hourly wage workers in the time of COVID-19.


    2017-2019 | Documentarian & Consultant Coordinator | Leveraging a Network for Equity (LANE) | New Orleans, LA.

    National network addressing racial and geographic disparities in the arts & culture field.


    2018 | Heart Team Coordinating Committee Member | New Orleans SING: Building a Vocal Community in the Tradition of Freedom Songs | New Orleans, LA.

    Led by Wendi Moore-O’Neal and with Dr. Ysaye Barnwell, formerly of Sweet Honey in the Rock.


    2012- 2018 | Co-Founder & General Manager | Black Swan Food Experience | New Orleans, LA.

    Co-built and managed pop-up restaurant and catering business centering Southern Black culinary history and food justice in its practices. Worked with local craft artisans, visual artists, and musicians to produce cooperative economic-cultural events.


    2013 | Facilitator | AIDS LAW| New Orleans, LA.

    Facilitated staff in identifying needs and addressing conflicts resulting from an organizational merger.


    2013 | Facilitator | Mennonite Central Committee | New Orleans, LA.

    Worked with Program Directors of the MCC New Orleans program to shape decision making process as well as strategies that integrated story circles into their anti-racist, cultural work.


    2009-2011 | Organizational Development Facilitator | Safe Streets/Strong Communities | New Orleans, LA.

    Supported staff organizing for police accountability and prisoner’s human rights to craft leadership roles for members, project outlines, a board re-structuring strategy, and monthly work plans. Duties also included writing grant proposals and report backs.


    2008-2011 | Lead Organizer| New Orleans Parent Organizing Network | New Orleans, LA

    Worked with parents to build an organizing methodology and campaign strategies to increase parental inclusion in the shaping of New Orleans public school policies. Worked with Executive Director, staff, and members to develop Board of Directors, personnel policies, and a member-to-staff hiring structure.


    2008-2009 | Trainer and Facilitator | Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana | New Orleans, LA.

    Provided training on community organizing strategies with staff who organized at the state level to change juvenile justice policies. Facilitated story circles for community residents to voice unjust experiences with New Orleans Police Department, which informed JJPL’s campaign work.


    2007 | Facilitation Team Member | National Youth Organizing Training Institute | Knoxville, TN.

    Worked with a national team organized by the School of Unity and Liberation to develop and facilitate curriculum to deepen analyses, skills and relationships among youth organizers.


    2001-2007 | Founder and Co-Director| Reflect & Strengthen | Boston, MA

    Organized with base of multi-racial, working-class young women to build, facilitate and evaluate political education workshops, organizing campaigns, cultural projects, and healing circles with membership as well as in high schools and juvenile detention facilities. Directed Street Theater Troupe, which emerged from the life experiences and creative visions of the membership. Led implementation of staff supervision, personnel policies, strategic visioning and leadership development. Responsible for grant-writing, donor-base development, budgeting, the creation of Board of Directors, obtaining 501c3 non-profit status, and representing the organization through media, networking and public speaking.


    2001-2006 | Funding Board Member | Haymarket People’s Fund | Boston, MA.

    Worked with committee to allocate funding to social justice organizations through an anti-racist lens.


    2000-2001 | Program Manager | Dorchester House Multi-Service Center | Boston, MA

    Crafted, facilitated and evaluated programming that fostered healthy growth and empowerment for girls ages 13- 17. Worked with peer groups of youthworkers from neighborhood-based centers to conduct trainings that sought to improve quality of services.


    1998-2000 | Child Resource Specialist | Latinas Y Niños | Boston, MA

    Supported mothers residing at substance abuse recovery home to meet the needs of their children including daycare/school placement, participating in parenting support programs, and obtaining services. Worked with Counselor team to develop child-parent reunification plans and advocated in family court.


    To contact, email: info@communitysolstice.com